August, 2019. Chile has had a long history of building bridges to foreign markets through regulation and trade pacts; however, with the fast-moving demands of fintech, Chile is at risk of falling behind. Here is Bo’s blog post and video commentary about the state of the fintech market in Chile.


August, 2019. Lima was our next stop on our LatAm tour, where we broke records of attendance. The calibre of fintechs and investors in Peru was inspiring and enlightening. See Bo’s blog post and video commentary about the challenges of an informal economy as evidenced by Peru’s unique circumstances.


August, 2019. We kicked off a 10-day blitz of five South American countries to better understand the LatAm market. We began our adventure in Bogotá, where we met spirited and brave Colombian fintech entrepreneurs who face a dominant banking oligopoly. Read about Bo’s take on the innovation environment in Colombia.

Berlin & Frankfurt

June, 2019. We held two roundtable discussions in Germany, and could have done more. Whereas the Berlin discusssion engaged fintechs and VCs, the Frankfurt table welcomed bank innovation leaders alongside their finech counterparts. Here is Bo’s blog post and video commentary on the how Germany is leading the way in financial services disruption.


June, 2019. Vilnius set a new record for the number of guests we could squeeze around a rather long-and-narrow “roundtable.” It proved to be a lively discussion focused on regulatory change and the growth of a startup city. Here’s Bo’s blog post and video commentary on the state of affairs in Vilnius, Lithuania.


June, 2019. We were three days out from Midsummer, and the resplendence of the Stockholm evening was only outshined by our companions at dinner. Here is Bo’s blog post and video commentary on what he learned from our northerly friends.


June, 2019. In Copenhagen we were warmly welcomed by a small delegation of fintech leaders that took time away from family on a Saturday evening to speak of their travails. We broke bread and enjoyed a thoroughly engaging conversation. Here is Bo’s blog post on what he learned about Danish culture and fintech innovation.


June, 2019. That same friend promised more greatness to come from a visit to Belfast, Northern Ireland. Here we had a full day of interaction with the local fintech community, beginning with a bank-innovators lunch at the offices of Daske Bank, continuing with an afternoon of mentorship sessions at the Catalyst Belfast Fintech Hub, followed by Bo’s presentation Building a Meaningful Community and completed by a roundtable at Deane’s. Belfast set the new high water mark for our community-building efforts. Here is Bo’s blog post and video commentary, recorded in one take, after the events.


March, 2019. We came to Dublin at the bidding of a trusted friend who promised the Irish would come out strong for a sharing roundtable. Boy did they. Here is Bo’s blog post and video commentary after his meeting.

Tel Aviv

March, 2019. The very first of our happy accidents, Tel Aviv was where it all began. Here is the blog post Bo wrote after his visit with ten members of the fintech scene in Israel.